Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I get that way sometimes when I think.  Seriously, I am troubled by what I see going on in our country.  This not political issue!  It is a spiritual issue!  Have you noticed that many leaders and influencers don't value truth anymore?  It is about their agenda not truth.  They have bought into the false belief that truth is relative.  To them there is no absolute truth, yet by definition real truth is absolute!  If truth is relative than it is just an opinion and we find ourselves fragmented and being pulled in hundreds of directions.  What "truth" guides us?  Is "white privilege", "black lives matter", "climate change" or any number of a thousand or more "truths"? The REAL truth is that truth is absolute.  Since we have so many conflicting "truths" being expressed, it would stand to reason that real truth is not being valued or followed by many Americans.

The problem is that this belief that truth is relative has crept into the Church.  You are probably rightfully questioning that statement.  We have brought these secular conflicting "truths" into the Church and are fighting over them.  Jesus calls us to be unified and Paul says not to argue over trivia but we have done it and are doing it.  We argue and divide over secular issues and spiritual non-essentials.

The real problem is that even in the Church our actions do not support our professed belief in absolute truth.  When we have theologians saying that Christ is not the only way but the preferrable way, we have a problem with truth!  When we have theologians saying that people can decide whether to accept Christ or not after they die, we have a problem with truth!  The list of examples could go on and on.  The truth is our nation and Christ's Church is in trouble because our actions don't demonstrate that we really believe in absolute truth.

So what can we do?  We can pray for our leaders (national and spiritual) and influencers (i.e. - newscasters, etc.).  We can pray that God will open their eyes and hearts to absolute truth.  The Bible is clear that Jesus is the Truth.  It is found in Him.  Our guide is the Bible.  We don't fight over it but we live by its tenets.  We also remember that where the Bible is silent so are we!

Finally, we pray for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit on His Church and our nation!  That is the answer.  The question is, "Will we spend the time praying and adjusting our lives to be a real demonstration of His love?"

Just thinking!

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