Sunday, August 29, 2021



Have you ever found yourself remembering?  The Bible reminds us in Deuteronomy 32:7 to “remember the days of old”.  I often contemplate the past but the key is to contemplate the positive things in your past.  When we do, the result is thankfulness, joy and increased energy.

Take time to remember people who had an impact on your life.  You will find hundreds like a Sunday School teacher, school teacher, parents, siblings, wife, children, friends, co-workers and relatives.  Maybe even neighbors.  The key is to remember them.

I remember my dad, after a long week on the road, taking time to play catch with me and also traveling across the state of Michigan to see me play basketball.  I remember my mother cooking, going over spelling words every Thursday night and the list could go.  I remember my brother’s protection and encouragement; my grandfather’s stories of Ireland (he was better than TV) and all the fun we had with cousins on the island where our grandparents lived.  I remember the fun times in education and in ministry.  I remember what God has done for me.  Do you remember when He got you out of impossible situations or successfully walked you through them? When I do that, I realize I am blessed.  It focuses me on what I have been given not what I don’t have.  That changes my outlook, mood and allows me to be in a better position to encourage others.

So, when the challenging times come, take time to REMEMBER and be thankful!  You will be glad you did.