Monday, July 16, 2018

Heart Broken

I am not tired or discouraged.  I am way beyond that...I am heart broken!  I see our nation losing its identity.  I don't see compromise for the good of the nation anymore.  It seems that intolerance in the name of tolerance, restricted speech in the name of free speech, lawlessness in the name of the rule of law, have taken a stronghold in our country.  This is NOT a Democrat or Republican issue!  We cannot express ourselves with reason anymore.  It is all emotion driven.  We demonize those we disagree with, we distort other's words and actions to get our way.  We have lost a country where spiritual values were more important than politics.  We criticize those we disagree with because they have not created a perfect nation.  NEWS FLASH:  No party in the history of our country has because we are a nation of imperfect people. 

The solution:  Obviously, it is Jesus!  We need to get back to His values of loving others and allow Him to do a work in each of us.  Hold to our values, defend our values and show the reasoning behind our values BUT don't make the opposition the enemy or demonize them.  We are all part of one country and need to reason with each other.  This goes for all Americans and especially His Church.  The Church needs to come together and pray for all our leaders and opposition.  We need to reflect Jesus with strength, power, reason AND LOVE!

I am heart broken BUT broken hearts can be repaired my the Master Surgeon.  Church, let's seek His help and healing.

May God bless America with a REAL outpouring of HIS SPIRIT!