Monday, July 6, 2015

Don't Get Too Political

Don't Get Too Political!

I have noticed that Christians spend a lot of time complaining about the various actions of the gov't but most don't do anything to correct it.  They don't want to get too political.  Recently I heard Dr. Jeffrees speak and he stated that there are 70,000,000 evangelicals in the USA.  The statistics of the election of 2012 are very sobering!  It was noted by Dr. Jeffrees that of those 70,000,000 evangelicals, 35,000,000 were not even registered to vote and of the 35,000,000 who were registered only 17,500,000 voted.  That is APPALLING!

Just think, if 70,000,000 evangelicals voted as a unified block (not to mention the millions of Christians who do not consider themselves evangelicals), they could control any election.  We pray and pray, even have election vigils, asking God to intervene and He has already given us the tool of the ballot box and we fail to use it.

It is time the Church opened its eyes and became a voice for the principles of good, rather than the victim of evil.  We have all we need to bring this about but we seem to be too lazy to register, too lazy to vote OR we want a candidate that shares ALL our values or we won't vote.  Ronald Reagan said that if he got 80% of what he wanted he considered that success.

I think it is time we put up or shut up!  I think it is time for the Church to really vote values NOT party. I think it is time the Church really began to function as the Church, with unity and a shared purpose!  It is time we came together and used the tools God has given us to reach the world for Him.  Tools like our financial resources to care for the needy; His love flowing through us to reach and heal a hurting world; and the ballot box to bring God's principles back to the public arena and bring healing to our nation.

It is time to quit being exclusively Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic (or any other denomination), Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, any racial or ethnic group and just be His Church and bring real healing to our world.  If we will, then real change can take place.

Just thinking again!