Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Are You Kidding Me?

We call ourselves Christians BUT does our behavior demonstrate it?  Our main attribute is LOVE!  It is an action word meaning, "to do well for".  Is that what is happening in our country...our churches?

I am just thinking...if love was really our main attribute, would we be seeing the lack of civility in our country and even our churches?  Listen disagreements can be very good.  When we discuss the issues without personal attack, we get creative and good things happen.  Do you see that in our government?  I see a lack of cooperation and character assassination.  That is so sad and so beneath  Americans.   Unfortunately, it has even crept into the Church.  We have a lack of peace because we often just go with the societal flow.  Consequently, the Word becomes watered down so it has little or no authority.  The result is unrest because no one knows what is right.  Everything has become subjective.  SO honest people can be called corrupt and authority is replaced with public or personal opinion which changes weekly. We can easily see the evidence and results in our nation but sometimes is harder to recognize it in the church.  In the Church, it is evidenced in disregarding the Word.  The Pastor is the one who opens the Word but if we don't believe in its authority, he loses credibility and influence. When parishioners tear down a pastor (for any number of reasons) they are ignoring the Word.  We are to love AND not sow dissension in His Church.

I am just thinking...if love was really our main attribute, would we be seeing the selfishness exhibited in our government and our churches?  It so sad when people will cause any amount of trouble to get their way.  In government, they will distort and even lie about an opponents position.  In the church, people will distort a pastor's actions.  I heard of a laymen who at an outreach event began to criticize their pastor to an attendee.  WOW, that is real outreach, isn't it?

I am just thinking...what if we actually did well for others?  What if we really demonstrated Christ's   love?  Would we involve ourselves in character assassination or would we honestly debate the issues?
Would be destroy a pastor's reputation or discuss our concerns face to face?  When a pastor we disagreed with left our church would we wish them well, offer to pray for them OR would we send an anonymous letter to his new church board destroying his character?

I am just thinking...isn't it time the Church really became the Church.  Isn't time we disagreed but still did well for each other?  Isn't time we defend our brothers and sisters when they are attacked?  Isn't it time we lived out what we preach?  Isn't it time we really demonstrated to world looking for authenticity, that we will do well for everyone?  Here is the "Good News"...when we really love, God will send multitudes to His Church but He will not until He knows He can trust us with them.

So I am signing off until next time when I am just thinking again.


  1. Love it when you get to thinking! If we just remember --- the great commandment Love the Lord and the second love others --- everything else will fall into place!