Monday, November 19, 2018



I have taught for years that there is a formula for receiving God's blessings.  It is seen in the adage, "Blessings are positional and the position is obedience".  Over and over again, we find in scripture that the adage is true.  As we are obedient to God's direction we are blessed.  We stand in obedience and the blessings flow straight down.  If I step out of obedience, I step out of the position where I can receive His blessings.  God is not punishing me, I have just moved into a position where His blessings do not flow.  I don't need to run around trying to get under His blessings, I just need to stand in obedience and I am flooded with them!

As I look over my life I can see God's hand at work.  But there were times that He blessed me and I was not standing in obedience and I ask, "Why did God bless me when I was not being obedient?"  I think the answer is found in the words grace and mercy.  God's purposes for us are fantastic and He will often bless us with protection and unsolicited guidance because of His plan for our lives.  His love compels Him to act accordingly.  Thank God for His blessings BUT also for His grace and mercy.

This Thanksgiving, why not take a few minutes and reflect on His blessings and be THANKFUL.

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